Why Elektraweb?

Elektraweb is a web-based and cloud-based hotel program that runs on Microsoft Azure. By registering your hotel through the https://app.elektraweb.com/Register link on our website, you can start using an excellent hotel program preferred by the best hotels, along with online reservation and channel management, in just a few minutes.

Elektraweb is one of the easiest hotel programs to use and learn. Even if you have no prior experience with hotel software, you will quickly learn and see how Elektraweb efficiently meets all the needs of your hotel in a professional manner.

Elektraweb is one of the most widely used cloud-based hotel management programs worldwide because:

  1. Highest security and performance at the lowest cost. (SLA)

  2. Accessible from all devices, anywhere, anytime.

  3. Protected against cyber attacks and viruses, maintenance-free with automatic backups.

  4. Elektraweb enhances your hotel's online sales and marketing through Channel Manager and Online Booking Module.

  5. 7/24 live support has a large team ready to answer your questions at any time of the day.

You can use this link to download the Elektraweb brochure.

If you would like our Elektraweb team to contact you and conduct a setup and trial together, simply fill out this form. Our team will get back to you within 15 minutes at the latest.

In this short guide, we will see how to create a reservation, welcome and check-in the customer, enter room charges and other expenses, receive payments, and finally, generate the folio and issue the invoice when the customer checks out.

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