Basic Definitions

By clicking on the "Quick Setup" menu located under the establishment title in the menu, it is possible to quickly save the hotel's information.

1- General Information

Click on "General Information" to fill out the hotel's details. This information will be displayed on the online reservation page. Customize the subdomain for the reservation page's URL as per your choice.

2- User Definitions

"User definitions" are mandatory fields during hotel setup. A new user is created for each individual we want to grant access to the system.

Entering the user's email and mobile phone number is important for receiving confirmation when the user requests a new password. Additionally, if the hotel's logo is entered in the hotel information section, a digital business card printout can be generated for each user. This digital business card can be saved on your mobile phone, and you can distribute your contact information by scanning the QR code on the card.

3- Room Type Definitions

To define a room type, you can use the "+" button to add a new room type. From the room type screen, you can save the visuals and information related to the room.

In B2C or B2B settings, you can choose room type visibility for end-users or travel agencies on the online reservation page. Select "Close" to hide the room type or "Open" to make it visible.

In the guest information section, you should enter details such as the maximum and minimum number of adults, babies, and children allowed to stay, indicating how many people can stay in the room.

The price multipliers in the room type allow us to determine our online prices based on the number of guests staying in the room. For example, the multiplier of 0.75 in the single room type affects the price for single occupancy, setting it to 75% of the daily room rate. This provides us with the flexibility to adjust prices dynamically based on the number of occupants.

4- Board Type Definitions

To define a new board type, click on the "+" button. Then, fill in the required fields on the opened board types screen to add a new board type.

In board type definitions, if an additional charge per person is applicable for adults and children, it can be specified here. Typically, when there are multiple board options in a hotel, the second and third board types can have these additional charges written to determine how the daily price will change. For example, if the per person room rate with breakfast included is 100 Euro, and the dinner board has an additional charge of 15 Euro per person, then the Double room price will be 100 + 30 = 130 Euro when the dinner board is selected.

If the board price difference is not per person but for the entire unit, it should be written in the "Extra Unit Price" section.

5- Rate Type Definitions

When you want to define a new price type, click the "+" button, fill in the required information on the screen, add the desired features, and complete the registration process to create a new price type.

6- Room Definitions

The area where room numbers are matched with room types is the section for defining room configurations. To create a new room configuration, simply click the "+" button and fill in the new room information, room features, and room details, then save the configuration.

7- Department Definitions

Define revenue and collection departments within the facility. Manage and set up departments related to income and collections. Add new departments using the "+" button if needed.

8- Revenue Codes Definitions

To add a new revenue group to Income Code Definitions, click the "+" button, fill in the basic information, and save to create a new revenue group.

9- Channels

Before starting the channel connections on Elektraweb, you must contact the relevant channels and have your hotel registered on those channels. The communication details and necessary steps for setting up accounts with the channels are described in this document. Please review this document first and ensure that you complete these procedures. The contact information of the channels and the steps to open an account are provided in this document. (?)

Afterwards, in the Elektraweb's quick setup screen, you can add all the channels by clicking "Add" in the channels tab and complete the room/price mappings as described below.

The fields to be filled in on the channel settings page may vary depending on the channel. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Basic Settings

After selecting the channel, the following fields in the chosen channel must be filled: Your unique ID, user code, and password associated with the channel, agency code, and the currency in which we will send our prices.

Room/Rate Type Mapping

After filling the relevant fields, make sure to save the changes, and then click on the "Fetch Data from Channel" button. Once the mapping rows are received, you will need to match the rows for sending prices and availability to the channel.

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