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At the desired date, the total amounts of transactions made with cash and credit cards are displayed in the cash register, showing the respective currency.

If the user-based option is activated, each user's cash register is listed separately.

The cash balance is formed by the total of five different transaction types made during the day.

  • Money Taken / Advance: It shows the initial cash balance (advances) in the cash register and the fees received throughout the day.

  • Folio Taken: It shows the total payments received through the folio for services and expenses related to the room.

  • Exchange .Taken: In the 'Exchange' section, the total amount of foreign currency received from guests and the amount of local currency given to guests in exchange for their foreign currency are displayed.

  • Folio Given: It shows the total amount of refunds processed for accommodation charges recorded on the folio.

  • Money Given: The total amount of money paid out or expenses incurred during the day and at the end of the day is displayed.

The total figures we see in the cash register are listed on the details screen according to the reservation and the user information who performed the transaction.

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