Creating Reservations

In Elektraweb, there are three different screens you can use to create a reservation:

1- Room Rack

You can create a reservation from the Rack screen by clicking the "Rack" button in the shortcut or left menu.

Room statuses like dirty, clean, occupied, etc., can be updated from this screen. To create a new reservation, click the plus icon on the Rack screen, and complete the reservation steps in the reservation card that opens by clicking the "Create Reservation" button.

2- Room Calendar

You can also create reservations from the "Room Calendar" screen by dragging and dropping the desired start date and room number, making the process quick and efficient.

The reservation will appear in the calendar, and you can access the reservation form directly by right-clicking on it.

3- Front Office Control Panel

Lastly, When you click on the reservation icon in the shortcut buttons at the top of the screen, the front Office Control Panel screen opens, and you can create a reservation from the reservation card by clicking the "+" button. Fill in the necessary fields and complete the reservation process.

Afterward, in the "Guests" screen, you can add a new guest by clicking the plus button to initiate the guest registration process.

After that, you can navigate to the "Pricing" screen to set the room price. If the room price is not already registered in the system, you can activate the manual price button and enter the daily rate manually. Then, by clicking the "Calculate Daily Prices" button, the total accommodation cost will be automatically calculated.

For reservations coming through online channels, prices are set as fixed to prevent any changes. The fixed rows in the list are displayed in green to indicate this.

4- Reservation Outputs After all the processes are completed and the reservation is successfully saved, access to forms containing reservation, guest, and folio details is provided through the reservation card.

These forms include:

Confirmation Form

Registration Form

Folio Output

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